I have a confession to make… I am writing this out of frustration.


So, let’s look at what processes you should have in your business already. Then maybe you will understand why this subject gets me so frustrated!


When my team and I look at taking on a new client to help them grow their business, we do a secret shop and a little stress test to see where and what their weaknesses are.


Today I got a report back from the team that in their opinion this company that was just under 10 million in turnover didn’t have any processes in place!


We entered their lead funnel and found zero follow up for 3 days.


We then decided to purchase their products secretly. However, we never even got confirmation they shipped.


When we called to follow up, we were passed to 3 separate people before someone told us our product was shipped.


Then we were told they would call us back with the tracking – we never got the call.


Ok, so what does this have to do with processes? Hopefully, by the end, you will see.


Whatever business you have you better have a funnel in place. The funnel is our process #1:



Most companies are spending 12%+ of their revenue on marketing.


However, only 23% of leads are ever followed up with!


The funnel where visitors hand over information or go to checkout needs to have a process. They are saying to you… show me what you got.


Or even better, I trust you enough to buy from you.


From that moment onward, you need a process to know where they are in the buying stage, and you need to not push some generic rubbish at them.


You must carefully create content or call them to help them along to the next step.


  1. Upsells

Agh! – So, I am lumping upselling and checkout pages together in my processes that we can all improve on.

So firstly, the checkout.


The easier it is, the better the conversion rates.


This will require a deep understanding of who your client is. I wrote an article on the importance of knowing in-depth data like this here.


5 years ago if you told me that removing 2 fields of data and changing the checkout color from red to green could add an extra 35% in sales, I would have said you were crazy.


However, that is exactly what happened. So, be sure you are split testing.


You MUST have a process in place to offer an upsell to your audience.


Not sure what an upsell is?


The chances are you have encountered one at least once this week.


Buying a coffee. Do you want that large? Purchasing a meal. Can I make that meal a large?


All of these are upsells, and they make a massive difference to your bottom line.


The beauty with upselling is there is no marketing cost. The buyer is already there so you might as well offer them some extra value. But, please suggest something relevant.


Done right you can expect 10% of your buyers to take the upsell!


  1. Client processing and onboarding.

It still boggles my mind how many companies in 2019 don’t have a CRM in place to track customers and leads.


You need to have a system in place to monitor your customer’s journey with you. Here you can find a blog I wrote about why having as much data as possible on your website and clients is deathly important! 


Always, always secret shop your products. This way you see what the customer sees.


  1. Customer scoring process.

There are many ways to do this, but having a way to score a customer’s value to you will help you understand how important they are to your company.


A lot of CRMs will have this process built in. So, use it.


  1. Communication processes.

We focus so much on getting someone to become our customer.


But, once they are it’s funny how easy it is to forget about them.


One of the key things we teach in our sales training company is that the customer is a gold mine of referrals.


Create a process of fantastic communication.


An excellent example of this is the pizza tracker from dominos. Suddenly it’s a talking point… about a pizza shop!


But, the simple act of showing a customer where their order is and who is making and delivering it is genius.


If you are product or service based you can bring in the process of communication after the sale.


Our companies account managers process of communication is to call all of their clients once a week. No need for a long call, but just to check-in and see if everything is ok.


It’s important to know if your customers are happy.


This simple exercise results in excellent customer retention.


  1.  Re-targeting strategy

Whether someone interacts with you on your website, social media pages, or as a client, you must have a process in place to reach back out them.


We spend so much money on getting someone to know our business.


The idea of not reaching back out to them is an entirely false economy.


It is always cheaper to sell to someone who knows you then to a cold audience.


So ensure you have the following re-targeting strategies in place:


  • Leads who didn’t become clients.
  • Social media engagements.
  • Website visitors.
  • Ex-clients.
  • Current clients.


What process do you use that I missed here? I would love to hear about your process below in the comments.


Steve Goodall is a full-time digital nomad and an Iron Maiden fan who has spent the last 30 years working with business owners in driving company growth, restructuring internal operations and providing full consultancy on all platforms including branding, outreach, and marketing. Talking business is his THING… so connect with him on LinkedIn.

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